Your Experian Credit Report

Why do I need this?

As part of your credit counseling, you will enter all the debts in your name, even the debts you hope to eliminate or restructure. Cricket Debt Counseling offers the opportunity to pull a free list of your debts for ONE debtor from one credit agency as a courtesy. But now you and your spouse are able to purchase an additional debt pull for $8 per person directly from Experian to ensure you are capturing all of your debts. This report will not include your FICO score but does allow you quick access to additional debts that can be entered into our course.

Even if you don't plan on taking the credit counseling, you or you and your spouse can order your Experian report.

This offer is only available to clients new to Cricket Debt or its affiliates. If you have already started counseling with Cricket Debt, that's no problem, you can still obtain a free debt pull from TransUnion during your counseling.